No. Tanz Song/ Interpret Link zur Tanzbeschreibung (Choreograph)
1 11 Beers 11 Beers/ The Reklaws feat. Jake Owens Copperknob - 11 Beers (Dan Albro)  
2 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3/ Ann Tayler Bad Eagle - 1-2-3-4 (Niels Poulsen)  
3 16 Bars 16 Bars/ Connor Christian & Southern Gothic

Get In Line - 16 Bars 

(Edu Roldos & Lidia Calderero)

Teach (EL)
4 5 O'Clock Something It's Five O’Clock Somewhere/ Alan Jackson ---  
5 A Little Bit Gypsy A Little Bit Gypsy/ Kellie Pickler

Bald Eagle - A Little Bit Gypsy

(Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)

6 Action A Little Less Talk/ Toby Keith Bald Eagle - Action (Darren Bailey)  
7 After 5 Stomp Baby Likes To Rock It/ The Tractors

Bald Eagle - After Five Stomp 

(Diane Horner)

8 After The Storm Calm After The Storm/ Common Linnets Bald Eagle - After The Storm (Tina Argyle)  
Ah Sì Levantando Las Manos/ El Simbolo Bald Eagle - Ah Sì (Rita Masur)  
10 All Day Long Mr. Mom/ Lonestar Bald Eagle - All Day Long (Gary Lafferty)  
11 All Summer Long All Summer Long/ Kid Rock

Bald Eagle - Kid Rock Alabama 

(Heidi Hlousek)

12 All You Need All You Really Need/ Brad Paisley

Bald Eagle - All You Need

(Robbie McGowan Hickie)

13 American Kids American Kids/ Kenny Chesney Get In Line - American Kids (Randy Pelletier ) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
14 Another Song Another Song I Had To Write/ Jacob Lyda

Bald Eagle - Another Song

(Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie)

15 Anthem Anthem/ Brett Kissel

Westbound Firefeet - Anthem

(Gianmarco 'Johnny' Rossato)

Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
16 Anything For Love Anything For Love/ James House Bald Eagle - Anything For Love (The Dreamers)  
17 Aussie Summer Summer/ The Sunny Cowgirls Bald Eagle - Aussie Summer (Michael Schmidt)  
18 Baby Ride Easy Baby Ride Easy/ Carlene Carter Bald Eagle - Baby Ride Easy (Dynamite Dot Davies)  
19 Bad Moon On The Rise Bad Moon Rising/ CCR Bald Eagle - Bad Moon On The Rise (Alison Biggs) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
20 Beautiful Day A Beautiful Day/ Dave Sheriff Bald Eagle - Beautiful Day (Gaye Teather)  
21 Beer For My Horses Beer For My Horses/ Toby Keith Bald Eagle - Beer For My Horses (Christine Bass)  
22 Beethoven's Boogie Boogie & Beethoven/ Gatlin Brothers Bald Eagle - Beethoven's Boogie (Rob Fowler)  
23 Before The Devil If You’re Going Through Hell/ Rodney Atkins Bald Eagle - Before The Devil (Alan G. Birchall)  
24 Billy Party Crowd/ David Lee Murphy Bald Eagle - Swingin' (Billy) (Unbekannt) Demo & Teach (EL)
25 Black Coffee Black Coffee/ Lacy Dalton Bald Eagle - Black Coffee (Helen O'Malley)  
26 Black Mercedes Jim and Jack and Hank/ Alan Jackson Mishnock Barn - Black Mercedes (Dan Albro)  
27 Blarney Roses The Blarney Roses/ The Willoughby Brothers Bald Eagle - Blarney Roses (Maggie Gallagher)  
  Blood, Sweat & Beer Blood, Sweat & Beer/ Blackjack Billy Mishnock Barn - Blood, Sweat & Beer (Dan Albro)  
28 Blue Note Big Blue Note/ Toby Keith Bald Eagle - Blue Note (Jan Smith)  
29 Blue Rose Is Blue Rose Is/ Pam Tillis Bald Eagle - Blue Rose Is (Unbekannt)  
30 Blurred Lines Blurred Lines/ Robin Thicke

Copperknob - Blurred Lines

(Chicago Freddie Edmonds) 

Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
31 Boat To Liverpool On The Boat To Liverpool/ Nathan Carter Bald Eagle - Boat To Liverpool (Ross Brown)  
32 Bonaparte's Retreat Bonaparte's Retreat/ Glen Campbell

Bald Eagle - Bonaparte's Retreat 

(Maddison Glover)

33 Booze Cruise Booze Cruise/ Blackjack Billy Get In Line - Booze Cruise (Donna Manning)  
34 Bossa Nova Blame It On The Bosa Nova/ Jane McDonald Bald Eagle - Bosa Nova (Phil Dennington)

Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)

35 Bread & Butter Shortnin' Bread/ The Tractors Bald Eagle - Bread & Butter (Roz Morgan)  
36 Bring Down The House Bring Down The House/ Dean Brody

Bald Eagle - Bring Down The House

(Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley)

37 Bring On The Good Times Bring On The Good Times/ Lisa McHugh

Bald Eagle - Bring On The Good Times

(Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher)

38 Brokenhearted Brokenhearted/ William Michael Morgan Bald Eagle - Brokenhearted (Gary Lafferty)  
39 Bumper Sticker Honk If You Honky Tonk/ George Strait Bald Eagle - Bumper Sticker (Maxwell)  
40 By The Numbers Heartache By The Numbers/ Ray Price Mishnock Barn - By The Numbers (Dan Albro) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
41 Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas/ Toby Keith Bald Eagle - Cabo San Lucas (Rep Ghazali)  
42 Canadian Stomp Any Man Of Mine/ Shania Twain Bald Eagle - Canadian Stomp (Unbekannt) Demo+Teach (EL)
43 Central Standard Time 11:59 (Central Standard Time)/ The Railers

Mishnock Barn - Central Standard Time 

(Dan Albro)

44 Cha Cha One Some Kinds Of Trouble/ Tanya Tucker Bald Eagle - Cha Cha One (Sho Botham)  
45 Champagne Promise Champagne Promise/ David Nail Bald Eagle - Champagne Promise (Tina Argyle)  
46 Chase That Song Chase That Song/ Cody Jinks Bald Eagle - Chase That Song (Kate Sala)  
47 Chasing Down A Good Time Chasing Down A Good Time/ Randy Houser

Bald Eagle - Chasing Down A Good Time

(Dan Albro)

Demo (EL) / Teach (EL) 
48 Chattahoochee Chattahoochee/ Alan Jackson Bald Eagle - Chattahoochee (Unbekannt) Demo+Teach (EL)
49 Cheeseburger Cotton Eye Joe/ Rednex Bald Eagle - Cheeseburger (Sheila Bernstein)  
50 Chica Boom Boom Boom Goes My Heart/ Alex Swings Bald Eagle - Chica Boom (Vikki Morris)  
51 Chicken Fried Stomp Chicken Fried/ Zac Brown Band

Bald Eagle - Chicken Fried Stomp

(Yvonne Zielonka-Hlousek)

52 Chill Factor Last Night/ Chris Anderson feat DJ Robbie

Bald Eagle - Chill Factor

(Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead)

53 Clickety Clack Southbound Train/ Travis Tritt

Bald Eagle - Clickety Clack

(Peter Metelnick & Kathy Hunyadi)

54 Closer Closer/ Susan Ashton Bald Eagle - Closer (Mary Kelly)  
55 Codigo Codigo/ George Strait Bald Eagle - Codigo (Pat Stott)  
56 Colorado Girl Colorado Girls/ The High Rollers Bald Eagle - Colorado Girl (Dan Albro)  
57 Come Dance With Me I Love This Bar/ Toby Keith Bald Eagle - Come Dance With Me (Jo Thompson)  
58 Cool Dance Achy Breaky Heart/ Billy Ray Cyrus Bald Eagle - Cool Dance (Unbekannt)  
59  Corn Corn/ Blake Shelton Bald Eagle - Corn (Rob Fowler) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
60 Corn Don't Grow Corn Don't Grow/ Travis Tritt Bald Eagle - Corn Don't Grow (Tina Argyle)  
61 Cotton Pickin' Morning Cotton Picking Time/ Blake Shelton Bald Eagle - Cotton Pickin' Morning (Steve Mason)  
62 Country 2 Step I Just Want My Baby Back/ Jerry Kilgore Bald Eagle - Country 2 Step (Masters In Line)  
63 Country As Can Be Country As A Boy Can Be/ Brady Seals Bald Eagle - Country As Can Be (Suzanne Wilson)  
64 Country High High On A Country Song/ Sam Riggs Bald Eagle - Country High (Norman Gifford)  
65 Country Roads Country Roads/ Hermes House Band Bald Eagle - Country Roads (Kate Sala)  
66 Country Line Whatever You Do/ Shania Twain ---  
67 Country Walking Old Pop In An Oak/ Rednex Bald Eagle - Country Walking (Teree Desarro)  
68 Cowboy Cha Cha Sugar Daddy/ Bellamy Brothers

Bald Eagle - Cowboy Cha Cha

(Kelly Gellette & Michelle Stremche)

69 Cowboy Cowboy Cowboy Cowboy/ Brooks & Dunn Bald Eagle - Cowboy Cowboy (Dan Albro)  
70 Damn!!! Damn!/ Brett Kissel Bald Eagle - Damn!!! (Rob Fowler) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
71 Day Of The Dead Day Of The Dead/ Wade Bowen Bald Eagle - Day Of The Dead (Dan Albro) Demo (EL) 
72 Dirt Road Dancing Dirt Road Dancing/ Matt Stillwell Bald Eagle - Dirt Road Dancing (Rob Fowler)  
73 Disappearing Tail Lights Disappearing Tail Lights/ Gord Bamford

Bald Eagle - Disappearing Tail Lights 

(Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick)

74 Dixie Road Dixie Road/ Nathan Carter Bald Eagle - Dixie Road (Sue Smyth)

Demo (EL)Teach (EL)

75 Dixieland Delight Dixieland Delight/ Alabama Bald Eagle - Dixieland Delight (Marion Lettau) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
76 Doctor, Doctor Bad Case Of Loving You/ Robert Palmer Bald Eagle - Doctor, Doctor (Masters In Line) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
77 Don't You Wish Don't You Wish It Was True/ John Fogerty Bald Eagle - Don't You Wish (Daisy Simons)  
78 Don't Look Good Naked I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore/ Johnny Brady

Bald Eagle - Don't Look Good Naked

(Eddie Huffman)

79 Drinking Problem Drinking Problem/ Midland Bald Eagle - Drinking Problem (Darren Bailey)  
80 Drinks For Two Two Bottles Of Beer/ Lonestar Bald Eagle - Drinks For Two (Ed Lawton)  
81 Driven Drive/ Casey James Get In Line - Driven (Rob Fowler)  
82 Duelling Dancers (Contra) Cajun Polka/ Duelling Banjos Bald Eagle - Duelling Dancers (Christophe Lacourt)  
83 Eagles Rock How Long/ The Eagles Bald Eagle - Eagles Rock (Gaye Teather)  
84 Empty Space Think Of You/ Chris Young Copperknob - Empty Space (Maria Maag)  
85 Firestorm Cajun Hoedown/ Karen Mcdawn Bald Eagle - Firestorm (Adriano Castagnoli)  
86 Foxy Girl Bad Bad Girls/ The Derailers Bald Eagle - Foxy Girl (Frank Trance)  
87 Friday Night Cowgirl Friday Night Cowgirl/ Wenche

Bald Eagle - Friday Night Cowgirl 

(Kerstin &  Peter Lienert)

88 Galway Girls The Galway Girl/ S. Shannon & S. Earle Bald Eagle - Galway Girls (Chris Hodgson)  
89 Golden Ring Golden Ring/ Terri Clark Bald Eagle - Golden Ring (Séverine Fillion)  
90 Good Day To Run (Contra) A Good Day To Run/ Darryl Worley Bald Eagle - Good Day To Run (Benny Ray)  
91 Good Time Good Time/ Alan Jackson Bald Eagle - Good Time (Jenny Cain)  
92 Grundy Gallop Sold/ John Michael Montgommery Bald Eagle - Grundy Gallop (Jenny Rockett)  
93 Gypsy Queen Gypsy Queen/ Chris Norman Bald Eagle - Gypsy Queen (Hazel Pace) Demo+Teach (EL) 
94 Hallelujah Joy's Gonna Come In The Morning/ Samaritans Bald Eagle - Hallelujah (Adriano Castagnoli) Demo (EL) 
95 Happy, Happy, Happy Soggy Bottom Summer/ Dean Brody

Bald Eagle - Happy, Happy, Happy 

(M Angeles Matter Simon)

96 Hey Girl Come Do A Little Life/ Mo Pitney

Bald Eagle - Hey Girl 

(Micaela Svensson Erlandsson)

97 Hillbilly Girl Hillbilly Girl/ Lisa McHugh Bald Eagle - Hillbilly Girl (Audrey Watson)  
98 Hit The Diff Hit The Diff/ Ritchie Remo Copperknob - Hit The Diff (Guylaine Bourdages) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
99 Hold Maybe I Shouldn't/ Matt Borden Bald Eagle - Hold (Igor Pasin)  
100 Holly's Church My Church/ Maren Morris

Bald Eagle - Holly's Church 

(Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner)

101 Home To Louisiana Home To Louisiana/ Ann Taylor Bald Eagle - Home To Louisiana (Gilles Labrecque)  
102 Homegrown Homegrown/ Zac Brown Band Bald Eagle - Homegrown (Rachel McEnaney)  
103 Honky Tonk My First Love/ Alan Jackson ---  
104 Honky Tonk Time Machine Honky Tonk Time Machine/ George Strait Bald Eagle - Honky Tonk Time Machine (Dan Albro)  
105 Honky Tonk Way I See Country/ Ian Munsick

Copperknob - Honky Tonk Way

(Landon Purvis & Mark Paulino)

106 I Hope You're Happy I Hope You're Happy Now/ Carly Peace & Lee Brice

Copperknob - I Hope You're Happy

(Dan Albro & Guylaine Bourdages)

Teach (EL)
107 I Love A Rainy Night I Love A Rainy Night/ Eddi Rabbit Bald Eagle - I Love A Rainy Night (Irsi M. Mooney)  
108  If You Need Me I'll Be There/ Martina McBride Copperknob - If You Need Me (Pat Stott) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
109 Independence Day Cha Cha Independence Day/ Martina McBride Bald Eagle - Independence Day (Unbekannt) Demo+Teach (EL)
110 Inspiration Heaven In My Woman's Eyes/ Tracy Byrd Bald Eagle - Inspiration (Robbie McGowan-Hickie)  
111 Irish Stew Irish Stew/ Shamrock Bald Eagle - Irish Stew (Lois Lightfoot)  
112 Is It Friday Yet Is It Friday Yet/ Gord Bamfort Bald Eagle - Is It Friday Yet (Diana Dawson)  
113 Island In The Stream Island In The Stream/ D. Parton & K. Rogers Bald Eagle - Island In The Stream (Karen Jones)  
114 Jailhouse Creole Jailhouse Rock/ Billy Swan

Bald Eagle - Jailhouse Creole 

(Cathy Montgomery & Kathy Kazmarek)

115 Jet Black Pontiac Jet Black Pontiac/ Chase Bryant Copperknob - Jet Black Pontiac (Arnaud Marraffa)  
116 Jingle Bells For Cowboys Jingle Bells (A Cowboy's Holiday)/ Bellamy Brothers

Copperknob - Jingle Bells For Cowboys

(Esther Orsatti)

117 Johnny Come Lately (Contra) Johnny Come Lately/ Steve Earle Lucky Dancers - Johnny Come Lately (Countrybell)  
118 Jolene, Jolene Jolene, Jolene/ Boss Hoss Bald Eagle - Jolene, Jolene (Silvia Schill)  
119 Just A Burning Man Burning Man/ Dierks Bentley Bald Eagle - Just A Burning Man (Dan Albro) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
120 Kentucky Cross (Circle) Every Little Thing/ Carlene Carter Lucky Dancers - Kentucky Cross (Lucky Dancers)  
121 Kill The Spiders A Man Around You/ Brad Paisley Bald Eagle - Kill The Spiders (Gaye Teather)  
122 King Of Saturday Night King Of Saturday Night/ Midland Copperknob - King Of Saturday Night (Dan Albro)  
123 Knee Deep Knee Deep/ Zac Brown Band

Bald Eagle - Knee Deep 

(Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs)

124 Last Cowboy Last Living Cowboy/ Toby Keith Bald Eagle - Last Cowboy (Sylvia Calsina)  
125 Lay Low Lay Low/ Josh Turner Bald Eagle - Lay Low (Darren Bailey)  
126 Little Rope I Like You A Lot/ Jake Owen ---  
127 Little White Church Little White Church/ Little Big Town Bald Eagle - Little White Church (Nathalie Di Vito) Teach (EL)
128 Life Is A Rodeo Life Is A Rodeo/ Jay, James Lann & David Banning Mishnock Barn - Life Is A Rodeo (Dan Albro)  
129 Live, Laugh, Love One Draught Lady/ Cardets Bald Eagle - Live, Laugh, Love (Rob Fowler)  
130 Locklin's Bar Locklin's Bar/ Michael English Bald Eagle - Locklin's Bar (Maggie Gallagher)  
131 Lonely Drum Lonely Drum/ Aaron Goodwin Bald Eagle - Lonely Drum (Darren Mitchell)  
132 Long Road To Richmond Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde/ Travis Tritt

Bald Eagle - Long Road To Richmond 

(Guyton Mundy)

133 Loving Tonight (Contra) As Long As There's Loving Tonight/ The Mavericks Mishnock Barn - Loving Tonight (Dan Albro)  
134 Make A Little Make A Little/ Midland Mishnock Barn - Make A Little (Dan Albro) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
135 Make Her Fall In Love With Me Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song/ George Strait Bald Eagle - Fall In Love With Me (Raelinn W. Dale)  
136 Mean Mean/ Taylor Swift Bald Eagle - Mean (Zlatimir Zeleta)  
137 Memphis Love That's How I Got To Memphis/ Roch Voisine Bald Eagle - Memphis Love (Vikki Morris)  
138 Messed Up In Memphis Messed Up In Memphis/ Darryl Worley Bald Eagle - Messed Up In Memphis (Dee Musk)  
139  Mexicoma Mexicoma/ Tim McGraw Mishnock Barn - Mexicoma (Dan Albro)  
140 Miss Honky Tonk Little Miss Honky Tonk/ Brooks & Dunn Bald Eagle - Miss Honky Tonk (Jeremie Tridon)  
141 Mockingbird Mockingbird/ Toby Keith & Chrystal

Bald Eagle - Mockingbird 

(Helen Born & Nita Lindley)

142 My First Steps I Should Have Watched That First Step/ George Strait Bald Eagle - My First Steps (Barbara Hile)  
143 No Trouble Old Dan Tucker/ Patrick Feeney

Bald Eagle - No Trouble 

(Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell)

144 Not Fair Not Fair/ Lily Allen Bald Eagle - Not Fair (Gudrun Schneider) Demo (EL) 
145 Nothing But You Nothing But You/ Leaving Austin Bald Eagle - Nothing But You (Dan Albro) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
146 N.F.I. Grey Goose Chase/ Brad Paisley Mishnock Barn - N.F.I. (Dan Albro) Demo (EL) 
147 Oh Behave Noise/ Kenny Chesney Mishnock Barn - Oh Behave (Dan Albro)  
  Oh Me Oh My Oh Oh Me Oh My Oh/ Derek Ryan Bald Eagle - Oh Me Oh My Oh (Rob Fowler)  
148 Old And Grey Old And Grey/ Derek Ryan Bald Eagle - Old And Grey (Rob Fowler) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
149 Old Beach Roller Coaster Roller Coaster/ Luke Bryan

Bald Eagle - Old Beach Roller Coaster 

(Martina Ecke)

150 One Big Country Song One Big Country Song/ Locash

Bald Eagle - One Big Country Song 

(Guylaine Bourdages & Stéphane Cormier)

151 One Foot One Foot/ Walk The Moon

Mishnock Barn - One Foot 

(Addison Albro & Dan Albro)

152 One More Chance One More Last Chance/ Robert Mizell

Bald Eagle - One More Chance

(Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse)

153 One Night At A Time One Night At A Time/ High South Bald Eagle - One Night At A Time (Marie Sørensen)  
154 One Step Forward One Step Forward/ Desert Rose Band

Bald Eagle - One Step Forward 

(Betty & Jerry Wilson)

Demo+Teach (EL)
155 One-Eighthundred I'm A Fool/ K. C. Wiliams Bald Eagle - One-Eighthundred (Jim Cone)  
156 Open Heart Cowboy Little Yellow Blanket/ Dean Brody

Bald Eagle - Open Heart Cowboy 

(Sandrine Tassinari & Magali Lebrun)

157 Pavement Ends Pavement Ends/ Little Big Town

Bald Eagle - Pavement Ends (Grudrun Schneider)

158 People Are Crazy People Are Crazy/ Billy Currington Bald Eagle - People Are Crazy (Gaye Teather)  
159 Pizziricco Pizziricco/ Mavericks Bald Eagle - Pizziricco (Dynamite Dot)  
160 PL-Shuffle No No Never/ Texas Lightning Bald Eagle - PL Shuffle (Peter Lienert)  
161 Priscilla Priscilla/ Miranda Lambert Bald Eagle - Priscilla (Michael Schmidt)  
162 Radio Romp On My Radio/ The Woolpackers Bald Eagle - Radio Romp (Lisa "Lasso" Portelli)  
163 Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Raggle Taggle Gypsy/ Derek Ryan

Bald Eagle - Raggle Taggle Gypsy O

(Maggie Gallagher)

164 Red Hot Salsa Red Hot Salsa/ Dave Sheriff Bald Eagle - Red Hot Salsa (Christina Browne)  
165 Reggae Cowboy Get In To Reggae Cowboy/ Bellamy Brothers Bald Eagle - Raggae Cowboy (Unbekannt)  
166 Rhyme Or Reason It Happens/ Sugarland

Bald Eagle - Rhyme Or Reason 

(Rachael McEnaney)

Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
167 Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors/ Katzenjammer

Bald Eagle - Rock Paper Scissors 

(Maggie Gallagher)

168 Rockin' Some Beach/ Blake Shelton Bald Eagle - Rockin' (Anita McNab)  
169 Roll In The Hay Roll In The Hay/ Don Herby Bald Eagle - Roll In The Hay (Annie Corthesy)

Demo (EL)Teach (EL)

170  Roller Coaster Ride Roller Coaster Ride/ Eric Church Mishnock Barn - Roller Coaster Ride (Dan Albro)  
171 Rose-A-Lee Rose-A-Lee/ Smokie Bald Eagle - Rose-A-Lee (Preben Klitgaard)  
172 Rosegarden Rosegarden/ Lynn Anderson Bald Eagle - Rose Garden (Jo Thompson)  
173 Seminole Wind Seminole Wind/ John Anderson Bald Eagle - Seminole Wind (Unbekannt)  
174 Shakin' Mix Hitmix/ Shakin' Stevens Bald Eagle - Shakin' Mix (Yvonne van Baalen)  
175 Shuttin' Detroit Down Shuttin' Detroit Down/ John Rich

Get In Line - Shuttin' Detroit Down 

(Randy Pelletier)

176 Side By Side We Work It Out/ Joni Harms Bald Eagle - Side By Side (Patricia E. Stott)  
177 Silver And Gold Need You Now/ Lady Antebellum Bald Eagle - Silver And Gold (Tina Argyle)  
178  Smiling Song Smilin' Song/ Vince Gill Bald Eagle - Smiling Song (Michelle Risley) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
179 Something In The Water Something In The Water/ Brook Fraser

Bald Eagle - Something In The Water 

(Niels Poulson)

180 Southern Streamline Southern Streamline/ John Fogerty Bald Eagle - Southern Streamline (Mack Apaapa)  
181 South Side Shuffle (Contra) Fishing In The Dark/ N. Gr. Dirth Band Bald Eagle - South Side Shuffle (Donna Aiken)  
182 Speak To The Sky Speak To The Sky/ Brendon Walmsley Bald Eagle - Speak To The Sky (Keith Davies)  
183 Start The Car Start The Car/ Travis Tritt Bald Eagle - Start The Car (Tina Neale)  
184  Stilbaai Charleston Technoband/ Swing City Copperknob - Stilbaai Charleston (Alison Dixon)  
185 Straddling Boots A Little Tattoo/ Sammy Kershaw Bald Eagle - Straddling Boots (Hilda Crossley)  
186 Strait To The Bar Every Little Honky Tonk Bar/ George Strait Bald Eagle - Strait To The Bar (Dan Albro)  
187 Stray Cat Going Through The Big D/ Mark Chesnut Bald Eagle - Stray Cat (Unbekannt) Demo+Teach (EL)
188 Stroll Along Cha Cha I Just Want To Dance With You/ George Strait

Bald Eagle - Stroll Along Cha Cha

(John & Janette Sandham)

Demo+Teach (EL)
189 Sugar & Pai Sugar & Pai/ The Boots Band Bald Eagle - Sugar & Pai (Kelli Haugen)  
190 Summer Fly Summer Fly/ Hayley Westenra Bald Eagle - Summer Fly (Geoffrey Rothwell)  
191 Sunbeam Sunbeam/ Jack County Get In Line - Sunbeam (Bruno Moggia)  
192  Sweet, Sweet Smile

Sweet, Sweet Smile/ Scooter Lee

Sweet, Sweet Smile/ The Carpenters

Bald Eagle - Sweet, Sweet Smile

(Johnny Two Step & Fi Scott)

Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
193 Tag On Too Strong To Break/ Beccy Cole Bald Eagle - Tag On (David Villelas)  
194 Take It Easy Take It Easy/ Travis Tritt Tumbleweeds - Take It Easy (Nathalie Beritzberea)  
195 Talk Is Cheap Talk Is Cheap/ Alan Jackson Bald Eagle - Talk Is Cheap (Katrin & Toralf Tylla)  
196 Tell Me Why Still In Love With You/ Travis Tritt Bald Eagle - Tell Me Why (Tom Selzler)  
197 Tequila Sunrise Tequila Sunrise/ Eagles

Bald Eagle - Tequila Sunrise 

(Kerstin & Peter Lienert)

198 That Look That Look/ Aaron Watson Bald Eagle - That Look (Black Smith Linedancer)  
199 The Driver The Driver/ Charles Kelley ft. D. Bentley & E. Paslay Mishnock Barn - The Driver (Dan Albro) Demo (EL)
200 The Trail Trail Of Tears/ Billy Ray Cyrus Bald Eagle - The Trail (Judy McDonald)  
201 The World The World/ Brad Paisley Bald Eagle - The World (Maggie Gallagher)  
202 Thinkin' Country What Was I Thinkin'/ Dierks Bentley Bald Eagle - Thinkin' Country (Simon Ward)  
203 This & That Woman/ Mark Chesnutt Bald Eagle - This & That (Gary Lafferty)  
204 This Barn This Bar/ Morgan Wallen Copperknob - This Barn (Dan Albro) Demo+Teach (EL)
205 This Is Me This Is Me Missing You/ James House Bald Eagle - This Is Me (Yvonne Anderson)  
206 Three Wooden Crosses Three Wooden Crosses/ Randy Travis

Bald Eagle - Three Wooden Crosses 

(Mari & Xavier Morado)

207  Thunderbird Thunderbird/ Toby Keith Copperknob - Thunderbird (Dan Albro) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
208 Tipperary Girl Tipperary Girl/ Ritchie Remo Bald Eagle - Tipperary Girl (Manuela Kaiser)  
209 Toes Toes/ Zac Brown Band Bald Eagle - Toes (Rachel McEnaney)  
210 Tornado Tornado/ Little Big Town Copperknob - Tornado (Gail Smith)  
211 Truck A Truck A Girl Who Loves A Truck/ The Road Hammers Bald Eagle - Truck A Truck (Jóse Ferrer)  
212 Turn Me Loose Turn It on, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose/ Heidi Hauge

Copperknob - Turn Me Loose 

(Christa Klaasenbos & Jaqes)

213 Tush Push (Circle) Jukebox Junkie/ Ken Mellons Bald Eagle - Tush Push (James Ferrazanno)  
214 Twist And Shout Down At The Twist & Shout/ M.C. Carpenter Bald Eagle - Twist And Shout (Unbekannt)  
  U Gurl U Gurl/ Walker Hayes Copperknob - U Gurl (Dan Albro/ John Giusti)  
215 Vertical Expression Vertical Expression/ Bellamy Brothers

Bald Eagle - Vertical Expression 

(Robbie McGowan Hickie)

216 Wagon Wheel Rock Wagon Wheel/ Nathan Carter

Bald Eagle - Wagon Wheel Rock (

Yvonne Anderson)

217 Walk Of Life Walk Of Life/ Shooter Jennings Bald Eagle - Walk Of Life (Rachel McEnaney)   
218 Walk The Line I Need More Of You/ Bellamy Brothers Bald Eagle - Walk The Line (Sindi Larkin)  
219 Walk With Me Would You Go With Me/ Josh Turner Bald Eagle - Walk With Me (Rob Fowler)  
220 Walking Away As She's Walking Away/ Zac Brown Band Bald Eagle - Walking Away (Rachel McEnaney)  
221 Waltzing Matilda I'd Love You All Over Again/ Alan Jackson Bald Eagle - Waltzing Matilda (Unbekannt)  
222 Wanna Be Me Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me/ Keith Urban Bald Eagle - Wanna Be Me (Edward Lawton) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
223 Wasn't That A Party Wasn't That A Party/ Mike Denver

Bald Eagle - Wasn't That A Party 

(Ernie "Hutch" Hutchinson)

224 Watermelon Crawl Watermelon Crawl/ Tracy Byrd Bald Eagle - Watermelon Crawl (Sue Lipscomb)  
225 Wave On Wave Wave On Wave/ Pat Green Bald Eagle - Wave On Wave (Alan G. Birchall)  
226 We Are One We Are One/ Jason McCoy

Bald Eagle - We Are One

(D. Villellas, S.D. Staiti, R. Fowler & D. Albro)

Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
227 We Are Tonight We Are Tonight/ Billy Currington Bald Eagle - We Are Tonight (Dan Albro)  
228 We Go Home We Go Home/ Adam Cohen Copperknob - We Go Home (Dirk Leibing)  
229 What Did I Do What Did I Do/ John M. Montgomery

Bald Eagle - What Did I Do

(Stefanie Mahr & Marion Lettau)

Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
230  What We're Made Of What We're Made Of/ Haley & Michaels

Copperknob - What We're Made Of (Dan Albro)

231 What's Up Cuz What's Up Cuz/ Toby Keith

Bald Eagle - What's Up Cuz 

(Stefanie Mahr & Marion Lettau)

Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
232 Where Were You Where Were You/ Eli Young Band Mishnock Barn - Where Were You (Dan Albro) Demo (EL) / Teach (EL)
233 Whiskey's Gone Whiskeys Gone/ Zac Brown Band Bald Eagle - Whiskey's Gone (Rob Fowler)  
234 White Rose White Rose/ Toby Keith Bald Eagle - White Rose (Gaye Teather)  
235 Wide Open Love You Too Late/ Cole Swindell Mishnock Barn - Wide Open (Dan Albro)  
236  Wine, Beer, Whiskey Wine, Beer, Whiskey/ Little Big Town Copperknob - Wine, Beer, Whiskey (Dan Albro)  
237 Wishful Thinking Lovin' All Night/ Rodney Crowell Bald Eagle - Wishful Thinking (Jim O'Neill)  
238 World On Fire Setting The World On Fire/ Kenny Chesney & Pink Bald Eagle - World On Fire (Ami Carter)  
239 Yodel A E Tee Cowboy Joddle Song/ Kikki Danielson Bald Eagle - Yodel A E Tee (Margaret Swift)  
240 You're So Naughty He Drinks Tequila/ Sammy Kershaw Bald Eagle - You're So Naughty (Brian Holland)  
241 Zjozzy's Funk Bacco Perbacco/ Zucchero Bald Eagle - Zjozzy's Funk (Petra van de Velde)  


Turn- und Sportgemeinde Ober-Eschbach 1898 e. V.

Ober-Eschbacher Straße 30

61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H.



DI.                      18:30 - 21:30

DO.                     18:30 - 21:30 

Die Trainings finden hier statt:

Vereinshaus Ober-Eschbach

Kirchplatz 3

61352 Bad Homburg

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